Sammlung von Szenen / Promptfics

  • ich schreibe in letzter Zeit wieder ein bisschen und möchte auch gern mal hier im Forum was posten. Problem: alle langen Geschichten (3 Stück), die ich auf Deutsch schreibe sind weit weg von fertig und ich will ncihts Halbgares posten. Aber alles was ich fertig habe sind kurze Szenen und/oder Promptfics, die ich für Tumblr und daher auf Englscih geschrieben habe.
    Da die aber sehr kurz sind (zwischen 500 und 1000 Wörter), habt ihr ja vllt trotzdem Lust, sie zu lesen :)
    Ich poste einfach mal eine ;)

    Btw, ihr könnt mir auch gerne Prompts (meist ein Satz, den man unterbringen muss) und Charas schreiben, wenn mir was dazu einfällt und ich Zeit habe, schreibe ich dann was, quasi nach Wunsch XD

    Der Prompt war "But you promised!" mit Newkirk und Carter

    But you promised!

    „But you promised!“, Carter exclaimed through teeth clenched from the effort of reaching up and around Newkirk.

    “No bloody way!” With one arm Newkirk was holding a small bottle as far above his head as he could manage while with the other he tried to prevent Carter from getting a hold on his jacket or arm. “That’s all I got left!” He justified himself.

    “But you PROMISED!” Carter let up in his efforts for a moment and gave his friend a reproachful look. “You swore it on the grave of your grandmother!” He attempted another jump at Newkirk, pushing himself up on the Englishman’s shoulder and trying to reach the bottle but Newkirk’s nimble hands were much faster and the bottle disappeared behind his back at the last moment. Carter gave a frustrated grunt. Maybe he should just give up, it wasn’t that important anyways…

    “’ow could I ‘ave known you would actually succeed?” Newkirk said mockingly as he retreated backwards in the direction of their bunk. “I thought Schultz would win a medal for bravery before that day would come.” With a mischievous grin he jumped up on the edge of Carter’s bed, where he proudly held out the bottle of cologne.

    Faced with his prize right in front of him Carter decided to give it one more (probably futile) try and reached out to snatch the bottle. Of course his hand came away empty. He sighed.

    “’EY!” Carter heard Newkirk’s indignant cry and looked up again. Apparently the Colonel had snatched the bottle from Newkirk’s hand while Newkirk had dodged his own. A broad grin spread across the Sergeant’s face.

    “What’s the matter?”, the Colonel asked as he held up the bottle and looked at it quizzically.

    “We were out on that mission yesterday, you remember that one, where we were dressed up as Hauptmann and ….”


    “Sorry” He paused for a moment trying to remember the short version of the story. “There was this girl I liked and Newkirk said he’d give me his good cologne if I could score a date with her. And I did!”

    “Bloody squealer!” Newkirk murmured through his teeth but looking more ashamed than defiant now.

    The Colonel gave him a raised eyebrow then he passed Carter the bottle. ““Wettschulden sind Ehrenschulden”* as the Germans say.”

    "In its essense, Hogan’s Heroes is a TV show about men in uniform standing way too close to each other."